What are hydraulic seals for?

hyraulic cylinder seak kit

Hydraulic seals fulfill the function of retaining liquids, fluids and pressure, they are used for heavy and industrial machinery, each hydraulic seal is designed to do a specific job such as retaining liquids, pressure peaks and cleaning impurities that enter the machine. Each machinery handles a certain number of stamps in inches or millimeters.

The hydraulic cleaner is also known as a scraper or ripper which is in charge of sweeping or removing dust, mud, dirt or impurities that can seep into the cylinder at the time of operation; The cleaner will be housed in the upper part of the cylinder cover, which fulfills the function of cleaning the shaft where said cover will be moved. The cleaning is carried out by its design in the upper lip, this lip is only manufactured for cleaning functions in the hydraulic components, therefore it is not enabled to perform sealing or retention of liquids. Its design can be metallic or plastic where said material will be determined to the requirements of each machinery.

The polipak fulfills the function of retaining the liquids or fluids that a hydraulic cylinder contains for its operation, where they are exposed to work in pressure and temperature ranges that each cylinder handles with each machine, hence the importance of the quality of the polipak when it is looks for a long duration and retention of liquids. Hydraulic cylinders have a polipak on the cover, in some cases on the piston; which differs in the lips that it contains in its internal part. The polipak can be found in inches and millimeters depending on the brand of the machine and the measurements of the hydraulic components.

Flexible Guide
Flexible or metallic guides, as their name indicates, fulfill the function of guiding the piston or shaft when moving the cylinder, in addition to avoiding the contact of metallic parts between the sliding and fixed elements of the cylinder. Each machine uses a certain guide material in its cylinders to comply with the temperature ranges and compression and tension forces. The condition of the guides is just as important as hydraulic cylinder seals, if damage occurs in the guides, it can affect the metal components of the cylinder by having friction between metals.

hyraulic cylinder seak kit
hyraulic cylinder seak kit
Almax Seal Solution

Almax Seal Solution


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