How important is the chrome plating of the axles in hydraulic cylinders?

Hydraulic cylinders are designed for heavy work and long hours of work, each cylinder is exposed to high temperatures and loads, therefore the components that make up the cylinder are: Shirt, Shaft or bar, Cover and Piston, they must be in good condition to be able to provide the correct operation and the adequate durability for each heavy job; likewise the quality of the hydraulic seals that each one carries.

Chromium is the material that covers the shaft, it is required for hydraulic seals to work according to temperature and friction in addition to fulfilling the sealing function. Each hydraulic cylinder works within its proper chrome plating tolerances.

Hydraulic cylinder shaft for chrome plating
Duration of Hydraulic Seals
The life of the seals can be determined by different aspects: The shaft must be found without any scratches, dents, and pores; If any of these characteristics are found, the constant movement of the cylinder travel causes each pass to wear the hydraulic seal more frequently, shortening the useful life.

The quality of the seals must be adequate for the heavy work of each machine, the higher the quality of the seal, the longer the duration in hours worked of the machine.

Almax Seal Solution

Almax Seal Solution


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