Hydraulic cylinder wear ring RYT High temperature hardness range 20~90 ring seal.

Details About RYT Seals

Bearing rings of piston,prevent the piston from scratching,improve durability of seals.PTFE can eliminate crawling.It can be cut according to the cylinder Diameter.

Working condition:

Max speed: 5 m/s

Temperature range: -45~200℃

Material: PTFE

1RYT 10*231RYT 8.8*4
2RYT 10*2.532RYT 9.5*2.5
3RYT 10*333RYT 9.5*3.5
4RYT 10*434RYT 9.5*4
5RYT 12*2.535RYT 15*2
6RYT 12*336RYT 15*3
7RYT 12*3.537RYT 15*3.5
8RYT 14*3.538RYT 8*2
9RYT 15*2.539RYT 8*3
10RYT 15*440RYT 8*3.5
11RYT 20*2.541RYT 9.5*3
12RYT 20*342RYT 7*4
13RYT 20*3.543RYT 6.3*2.5
14RYT 20*444RYT 12*2
15RYT 25*2.545RYT 20*2
16RYT 25*346RYT 12*4
17RYT 25*447RYT 12.8*3
18RYT 30*2.548RYT 9.5*2
19RYT 30*349RYT 25*2
20RYT 30*3.550RYT 25*3.5
21RYT 30*451RYT 40*2.5
22RYT 35*2.552RYT 10*1.5
23RYT 35*453RYT 4*1.5
24RYT 4*454RYT 10*3.5
25RYT 5.6*2.555RYT 50*4
26RYT 50*356RYT 5*1.5
27RYT 6*257RYT 6*1.5
28RYT 6*2.558RYT 12.7*3.175
29RYT 6*459RYT 25.4*3.175
30RYT 8*2.560RYT 31.75*3.175
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