Rotary Hydraulic cylinder piston seal ROI seal

Details About ROI Seals

ROI has same properties with SPN.  Applied to high pressure and high sliding speed conditions.

Material: PU

Working condition:

Max speed: 0.3 m/s

Max pressure: 28Mpa

Temperature range: -30~100℃

Feature of oil seal:

1.Ozone and chemical resistance

2.High temperature resistance

3.Excellent weather resistance

4.Anti-aging,good flexibility

ROI 5050604.9
ROI 6060704.9
ROI 7070804.9
ROI 7575854.9
ROI 8080904.9
ROI 8585954.9
ROI 90901004.9
ROI 95951054.9
ROI 1001001104.9
ROI 1051051154.9
ROI 1101101204.9
ROI 1151151254.9
ROI 1201201304.9
ROI 1251251354.9
ROI 1301301404.9
ROI 1351351454.9
ROI 1401401504.9
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