We specialized in O-Rings, Oil-Seals, Vee-Packings, Hydraulic/Pneumatic Seals & All kinds of Cylinder Repair Kits.

Almax Seal Solution was established in 2005, has remained firmly focused on serving the market with innovative, high quality competitively priced sealing products.

In conjunction with knowledge gained over the years in the business, Almax Seal Solution has always concentrates on our greatest strength that is to provide our customer with the highest quality products and services.

Our complete overall operations are designed to quickly and efficiently respond to your needs. We have low minimum order requirement and we are extremely competitive on large orders.

Almax Seal Solution
Almax Seal Solution supplier
Almax Seal Solution china supplier

Why Choose Almax Seal Solution

why choose Almax Seal Solution china supplier

The manufacturing sector has always faced the issue of time & money being wasted trying to find reliable suppliers.

As a major distributor of 10,000 ++ parts & sizes from various quality brands, It is our responsibility to help our customers save time finding the parts they need & reduce their production & maintenance cost.

We are able to achieve this by providing them a One-Stop Sealing Solution based on:


As a stockist we usually store our items in bulk with timely re-stocking. Hence you will seldom run out of the items you purchase from us.


Your trust in us is of utmost importance. Hence we do not compromise in our service standards & quality check procedures to ensure the products we supply are always in good condition for your immediate usage.


Why pay more for less? Stop going to third-party redistributors. Conserve your budget to stock up for production / maintenance emergencies. It is our duty to help bridge the cost between End-users / Original Equipment Manufacturers like your company & a trustworthy distributor like us.

Contact Us For A Free Sample

Why can we provide free sample? Because we have over 300 dynamic molds that can be quickly put together to help you realize your ideas quickly.

And we have over 20 product experts with over 15 years of experience designing and manufacturing countless seal and kits, they can be your sturdy backbone.

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We will contact you within 1 working day, please pay attention to the email with the suffix “@changyongp18.sg-host.com”.