What is a hydraulic or retention seal?

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Hydraulic and industrial cylinders have components or parts such as the shaft or rod, liner, piston, cover, or head. The hydraulic seal is responsible for the retention of liquids and is located in the cylinder cover, this seal will move along the axis to fulfill its respective sealing function.


The hydraulic seals fulfill their sealing function due to the design of the lip that each one has, they are made to retain liquids in hydraulic components such as the lid or piston and the operation for each one is determined by the shape of the lip; It is recommended to take into account the correct choice of the type of seal for the hydraulic component of the cylinder.


The hydraulic seals are designed to work at high temperature, pressure and friction, they are used to work with heavy and industrial machinery which work long hours and are sometimes exposed to all types of weather, therefore the quality of material and design play an important role. when selecting the brand and type of seal.


TYPES OF hydraulic seal

U-Type Stem or Shaft Seal: This seal is molded from tough urethane and uses an additional lip near the base. The double lip design provides stability, lubricant retention to reduce friction and resistance to contamination.


Double Lip Loaded Style U-Type Stem Seal: The short lip design and solid “U” cavity were specifically designed for stem applications and offer high low pressure sealing ability. At the base, a secondary lip provides stability, lubricant retention to reduce friction, and resistance to contamination.


Non-Double Lip U-Type Stem or Piston Seal: This U-type stem seal is molded from tough urethane and fits into the groove while offering greater radial force on the stem.


U-Type Double Lip Shaft or Stem Seal with Anti-Destructor: Our premium quality, single acting polyurethane stem seals incorporate a NBR energizer to seal. Double lip design provides stability and lubricant retention to reduce friction in dry rod sealing. Hard Acetal Backing Ring resists extrusion.


U-type piston seal: With tough polyurethane, these seals have excellent resistance to abrasion and wear. Symmetrical in design, they can be used in piston applications.

Almax Seal Solution

Almax Seal Solution


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