HBY is a high-performance buffer seal, it can be an ordinary PTFE buffer seals groove size interchange. The seals are made of polyurethane for valve use to avoid excessive pressure between the buffer ring and the rod seals. The installation of polyformaldehyde baffle ring can provide maximum extrusion resistance under vibration pressure load.

Details About HBY Seals

Description: HBY combined with rod seals,to absorb impact and srge pressure under heavy load in order to separate high temperature fluids and improve the service life of the seal element.


Working condition:

Max speed:0.5 m/s

Max pressure:21 Mpa

Temperature range:-45~110℃

HBY 04004055.56.36
HBY 04504560.56.36
HBY 05005065.56.36
HBY 05505570.56.36
HBY 06006075.56.36
HBY 06506580.56.36
HBY 07007085.56.36
HBY 07507590.56.36
HYB 08008095.56.36
HBY 0850851016.36
HBY 0900901066.36
HBY 0950951116.36
HBY 10001001166.36
HBY 10501051216.36
HBY 11001101266.36
HBY 11501151316.36
HBY 12001201366.36
HBY 12501251416.36
HBY 13001301466.36
HBY 13201321486.36
HBY 13501351516.36
HBY 14001401566.36
HBY 15001501666.36
HBY 16001601766.36
HBY 17001701866.36
HBY 18001801966.36
HBY 19001902066.36
HBY 200020022187.7
HBY 210021023187.7
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