Applicable to high and low speed reciprocating motion and high pressure system cylinder rod sealing. Good dimensional stability, not affected by temperature, low friction, strong corrosion resistance, could work in the situation with or without lubrication, easy installation. Meet the standards of GB/T 15242.1-94 and GB/T 15242.3-94.

Details About HBTS Seals

Description: HBTS is for reciprocated hydraulic system,prossessing excellent performance in high,medium and low pressure and in high load,high frequency conditions,especially suitable for long stroke,applied to bigger rod diameter in fluids and under high pressure.

Material:  NBR+Filled PTFE

Working condition:

Max speed: 3 m/s

Max pressure: 35 Mpa

Temperature range: -30~110℃

HBTS 04004055.56.35.9
HBTS 04504560.56.35.9
HBTS 05005065.56.35.9
HBTS 05505570.56.35.9
HBTS 06006075.56.35.9
HBTS 06506580.56.35.9
HBTS 07007085.56.35.9
HBTS 07507590.56.35.9
HBTS 08008095.56.35.9
HBTS 085085100.56.35.9
HBTS 090090105.56.35.9
HBTS 1000100115.56.35.9
HBTS 1100110125.56.35.9
HBTS 1200120135.56.35.9
HBTS 1300130145.56.35.9
HBTS 1400140155.56.35.9
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