Floating Seal Assembly

Why we run this business and website

  • Although the price of our competitors’ products is very low, but the quality is very poor, overseas buyers are tired of this kind of low-quality products, and because we optimize the process better, we take care of our quality colleagues, and the production cost is lower, so we set up our business Almax Seal Solution.
  • We have been launching the B2B platform before, but the effect has declined seriously in recent years, so we need to do a website to market and sell goods.

How do we work with our clients

  1. We are in the wholesale business, because the value of the goods is low and the order quantity is usually small, so it is easy for customers to make purchasing decisions after seeing the products on the website.
  2. Customers first browse the website, and then send us an inquiry by filling out the form on the website. after our salesman gets the purchase information, he will quote to the purchaser, and after both sides confirm all the transaction details, we will send samples to the customers. after the user is satisfied with the sample, he will give us the final order.
  3. After the factory has finished producing the goods, it will be delivered to the customer’s country by sea, air and express delivery.

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Producing Equipment

Floating Seals Features

  • The material of the seal is a special chrome molybdenum cast iron, the content of chrome is 15 percent and molybdenum is2-4 percent, and other elements
  • Characteristics: high hardness, wear-resisting, anti-dirty ability, corrosion-resistant
  • Lifespan: 5000 hours and the hardness is HRC65-72,the sealing face roughness within 0.07, flatness precision is 0.05mm.
  • Specifications pressure: 0.3mpa(max.), temperature range: Minus 40 degrees centigrade to 200 degrees centigrade,NBR,silicone,FPM,HNBR optional.
    Circumferential speed: 3m/sec (max)
  • Size of the seals are various, outer diameter: from 45-1425mm
  • Our rotary seals are used in construction machinery and mining machinery,like Volvo,Komatsu, Caterpillar, Hitachi, Daewoo, Kobelco, Sumitomo, Hyundai and others
    (1) China bulldozer such as Shantui, Shanghai, Yellow River, Yishan and Qinggong
    (2) Japan bulldozer (Komatsu): D50, D60, D80, D85, D155, D355 American bulldozer (Caterpillar): D58, D60, D7G, D8K, D9L, D10H
    (3) Germany hydraulic excavator R902-R992 American CAT hydraulic excavators Japanese Komatsu hydraulic excavators
    (4) Various earth moving machine and cranes, construction machinery, mining machines, and tunnel boring machines
  • OEM and ODM welcomed, the label and package made according to buyers’ request
  • Loading photos will be provided once loading from our facilities

Products Specification

Product name
Heavy Duty Seals Floating seal D50 D60 D9L D10H 58*43*24 58*45*21.6 for excavator
DO style, DF style and XY style
Metal ring is usually alloy cast iron(15Cr1Mo); Rubber ring is NBR,FKM,Silicone,HNBR,etc.
Most of dimensions have enough stock and can ship for you very soon.
About custom
Accept custom

Floating Metal Seal Material

Material Chemical Composition %
Alloy Casting Iron


O Ring Material

Material Name(Compound) 
Hardness, Shore A
Tensile Strength, MPa
Elongation at break, %
Temperature Range
-35℃ ~100℃
-30℃ ~150℃
-50℃ ~200℃
-10℃ ~180℃

Packing & Delivery

1. Small Package will shipping by express such as DHL ,TNT ,UPS ,FEDX and so on , Customer should undertake the shipping cost.
2. Big Volume products often shipping by sea ,FOB or CIF is depend by customers. Delivery Time:15 days after confirmation of the sample or according to customers’ order quantity
3. There is shipping way by air, by sea/ocean, by express.

Floating Seal List

1AL038050.63821.2 61AL111013311132 121AL235025823534
2AL0430584324 62AL1145129114.521 122AL238026123832
3AL0450584521 63AL115013711531 123AL2390268.523942
4AL0460594620 64AL117014011729 124AL2400A262.824038
5AL048062.24825.4 65AL118014011829.8 125AL2400B26724042
6AL0510655127 66AL120013912031.8 126AL2400C26824038
7AL0540685424.4 67AL120014212038 127AL2420262.824240
8AL05557055.522 68AL124014112422 128AL2450264.524532
9AL0560705625 69AL125014412531.8 129AL2500A277.425043
10AL057875.557.826.4 70AL1270A14112729 130AL2500B272.425043.2
11AL0580A77.45833 71AL1270B145.612733.4 131AL2520280.525238
12AL0580B755827 72AL130015113032 132AL256027925636
13AL0600746020.6 73AL1355154.5135.528 133AL260028826041
14AL0610736127 74AL1370153.213725.4 134AL265029326546
15AL0635A8063.526 75AL142015614225 135AL273030027338
16AL0635B82.463.531.8 76AL1430A157.514325.4 136AL275030327538
17AL0640786425 77AL1430B16014327 137AL2780309.527840
18AL0660856628 78AL144015714426 138AL298032829842
19AL0670806720 79AL1460171.714638 139AL3000A32530038
20AL067586.567.531.8 80AL148017014834 140AL3000B32830038
21AL06808468.825.2 81AL1500A16715028 141AL3180A34131838
22AL0690A846924 82AL1500B17115032 142AL3180B346.531838
23AL0690B906929 83AL1500C17215040 143AL3187347318.746
24AL0700907028 84AL1530171.515328 144AL338036833840
25AL0710A847120 85AL1540A168.215426 145AL340036834040
26AL0710B907129 86AL1540B173.515432 146AL351037535138
27AL07179071.729 87AL1600A18016032 147AL355037535538
28AL0720897223.8 88AL1630B191.516338 148AL3560381.535638
29AL0730927331.8 89AL164018916430 149AL366039436638
30AL073388.373.320 90AL165018116527.2 150AL370039837038
31AL073786.873.721.5 91AL1713185.3171.340 151AL380040538040
32AL746093.374.629 92AL1720194.417231.8 152AL387041538738
33AL0760947629 93AL176019517628 153AL4292457.2429.238
34AL077093.37729 94AL177020017730 154AL4310456.543138
35AL0775A88.577.530 95AL1780A19917832 155AL4300459.243038
36AL0775B9277.516 96AL1780B20517838 156AL460049046042
37AL0800A1008029 97AL1785200.5178.538 157AL465049546543.6
38AL0800B1008030 98AL1820A20718236 158AL472050047250
39AL0810988128 99AL1820B21018238 159AL500052750043.4
40AL0820988222 100AL1820C21018246 160AL506053450644
41AL08301028328 101AL183021118338 161AL508054850860
42AL08881088824 102AL190021619046 162AL530056053050
43AL09001059026 103AL191021019128 163AL5380566.853843.6
44AL0905109.590.531.8 104AL1920A20919230 164AL559059055950
45AL09201099222 105AL1920B21519234 165AL591062359150
46AL093510793.522 106AL1950216.519531.8 166AL596062859650
47AL0950A1119524 107AL2000228.520038 167AL660069566053
48AL0950B1149532 108AL205022720530 168AL6667700666.745
49AL100011910031.8 109AL2087222.8208.726 169AL667070066750
50AL1017120.2101.729.4 110AL209023420942 170AL718075071850
51AL102012210233.4 111AL216023721630 171AL730076873050
52AL103011710320 112AL2200A239.522032 172AL770082677080
53AL104011710421.4 113AL2200B24622036 173AL780083678080
54AL104012510428 114AL2215241.5221.525 174AL817086581746.6
55AL1042121104.223.4 115AL2225246222.536 175AL8250A865.382546.6
56AL107012510724 116AL223024822337 176AL8250B865.382543.6
57AL1090A13210932 117AL2246251.7224.638 177AL831085683144
58AL1090B131.510931 118AL225025222540 178AL830088683080
59AL1100A12711031 119AL230026023036 179AL832086583243.6
60AL1100B12811032 120AL231026023139 180AL902094190260


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